D'APPOLONIA, which is in charge of the Technical and Administrative coordination of Force7 project, is a major Italian firm which provides integrated engineering services to clients belonging both to the public and the private sector in the energy, environment, construction, oil and gas, transport, electronics and telecommunications domains. D'Appolonia relies on a permanent staff of qualified engineers and scientists with extended academic and technical background in the field of civil and structural engineering, earth sciences and engineering, hydraulic engineering, risk, reliability and safety, chemical and process engineering, transportation systems, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, electronics and telecommunications, aerospace and aeronautics. A multidisciplinary Division provides specialistic engineering services in the field of Industrial Innovation, supporting SMEs as well as large companies in the achievements of their targets in product and process innovation. More than 40 project/year directly related to manufacturing industry are managed by DAPP. In the field of technical textiles, D'Appolonia has leaded many initiatives and research projects leading to the achievement of concrete exploitable results.  Outstanding achievements include the JEC Award 2010 assigned to the "Seismic Wallpaper" developed under the POLYTECT project ( and the TechTextil Innovation Prize 2011 obtained with the FLY-BAG Textile Container for the protection of airplanes against internal explosions (

Within Force7 project DAPP will provide support to participating SMEs in defining final application requirements, in performing technology scouting oriented to the identification of suitable materials for fibre and surface treatments development, in developing conceptual and detailed design of the final application, in building FEM modules for materials behaviour and performing CFD analysis of the mop skimmer behaviour in water, in designing full-scale testing activities and interpreting the resulting data. DAPP will also perform the overall project coordination activities, and will provide fundamental support in defining effective IPR securing and exploitation strategies, on the basis of its independent positioning with respect to marketing opportunities.



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EDWARDS DIVING SERVICES was established in 1992 as a civil and marine contractor, specialising in underwater engineering, confined space work and marine pollution. The company is registered contractor with the Health and Safety Executive and members, and Welsh representatives for the Association of Diving Contractors. EDS is also registered with the construction industry pre-qualification services of Constructionline and Alito.

In the 18 years EDS has been operating as a multi-disciplinary contractor, carrying out work in areas of industry such as; ports and harbours, drainage, water treatment and sewage, defence, bridges, coal/nuclear/hydroelectric power, production industry, marine & shipping, and rescue/safety.

Within Force7 project EDS will be mainly involved in identification of final application requirements, onboard integration in equipment of Force7 mop skimmer prototype, design and performing of full-scale field testing for validation of dynamic behavior of the prototype in water. Main expertise for the company are in the field of Civil and Marine Engineering, Construction and Diving/ROV Services, Structural Inspection Services, equipment fabrication and machining, confined space work, pollution control, training, marine engineering and ship inspections, and equipment hire.

Edwards Diving Services


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FYBAGRATE is located in Liversedge West Yorkshire. The company manufactures bespoke non woven needle felts for industrial and technical applications. FYBA manufacturing process incorporates carding and needle punching technology configured to convert staple fibres into needle felts which are precisely engineered in all aspects to meet our customer's individual specifications. The company processes synthetic, natural and recycled staple fibres in white and also in colours, including polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, viscose and wool.   The company has thirteen employees with a turnover of approximately €1 million.

Within Force7 Project, FYBA will be mainly involved in development and production of oil absorbing textile structures based on PRO and SILK fibre materials. FYBA will also give support for material selection and development from the side of manufacturing process requirements, ans on development of application design as well.

FYBA in close association with its clients have designed, developed and manufactured non woven materials with specific functionality dedicated to the customer's exact requirements. Company products are used in technically demanding applications which include amongst many commercial horticulture, construction, filtration, environmental protection, furniture and upholstery.



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POLISILK is today the European leading extruder of Polypropylene multifilament yarns for industrial applications. The company has near 200 years experience in the textile world and 30 years experience in the production of Polypropylene yarns. The total production capacity is over 6000 tons per year and we employ just below 100 people. Besides Polypropylene SILK is also active in the extrusion of speciality polymers like PVDF, PPS, Bi-component yarns and tailor made polymers for the composite industry.  The company production is ISO 9001:2000 certified and products comply with the environmental standard Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1.  SILK products are used in industrial textiles markets like webbings, cords, netting, filter fabrics, upholstery fabrics and other technical fabrics.

Within FORCE7 Project SILK will be mainly involved in development and production of man-made fibre materials, on the side of both material composition and shape. Fibre materials surface treatments development will be also carried out. The company will give support in development of textile structures, providing fundamental process requirements for fibres.

POLISILK has participated in other European and National Research Projects, e.g. SPAN (Speciality Antimicrobials), ENERSAVE (Energy saving composites) and NOTEREFIGA (use of phase change materials in extrusion).



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Extreme Materials S.r.l. is a high tech SME founded as a spin-off of the company Gaetano Rossini Holding S.p.A., a supplier of high quality fabrics for the PSA automotive group in France leader for warp-knitted textiles in this area, closely cooperating with the warp-knitting machine producer Mayer. Because of the increased competition and margins reduction in this area, Mr. Ettore Rossini decided in 2005 to launch the new company, Extreme Materials, with the idea of diversification towards technical textiles targeting the areas of natural composites and interiors for architects.  Diversification strategies of the company now allow the integration of "extreme materials" into technical textiles for reinforcement applications, with a particular focus on natural fibres. Extreme Materials took part to the Woody project (, a presentation is attached where you can see one of Extreme Material textiles  from natural fibres in slide 13).  Prototyping facilities include knitting machines, for the processing of all kinds of natural fibres (from cotton to flax) and hybrid textiles, as well as machines for fibrous materials treatment and surface modification (bath processes, coating) and recycled fibres processing.

Role in FORCE7: development and production of natural recycled fibre materials for oil absorption, to be exploited for the production of advanced textile structures. The company will provide support in the definition of recycled natural fibre processing requirements, as well as in the definition of surface treatments enhancing the oleophilic/hydrophobic properties.

Extreme Materials


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CTB is the scientific and technical centre for the Belgian Textile industry, located in the heart of the Belgian textile industry with strong links to the majority of the ca. 800 textile companies. CTB offers a complete range of standardised testing and it is a notified body for protective clothing and can deliver CE marking and testing. CTB is also involved in normalisation committees and offers technological advice and training to companies in Belgium or abroad. The research focus of CTB is on applied research, funded by private contract as well as national and international agencies (e.g. FP6, FP7, Eureka, Eranet). Additionally, some well selected subjects for strategic research are followed, being (i) polymer formulation and extrusion processes (incl. biopolymers), (ii) innovative finishing, coating and laminating formulations and technology, (iii) biomedical interactions of textiles (incl. biocidal activity, cytotoxicity), (iv) intelligent textiles and (v) implementation of nanotechnology in textiles.

Within Force7 project CTB will be mainly involved in development and testing of fibre materials and textile structures, providing fundamental knowledge and support to SMEs participant in the core of the research activities envisaged. CTB will also provide expertise in developing the design and manufacturing of the mop skimmer, on the basis of its deep knowledge in technical textiles processing.

CTB participates in FP7 project NOTEREFIGA (together with Force7 partner POLISILK) which deals with PCM incorporation during extrusion. Expertise gained in that project regarding bicomponent extrusion and additive incorporation will help for executing WP1 and WP2. CTB coordinates the FP7 project DECOCOAT which includes foam coating of polyolefines; it has experience with sol gel coating via regional and European projects, eg via the running Cornet project HYBRITEX. Both are very relevant for the work envisaged within Force7 project.



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OPEC was established in 1980. The Company designs, builds and provides specialist oil pollution products for general industry both for emergency clean up and for daily industrial pollution. The products include oil skimmers, oil sorbents, spill kits, oil booms and jet mixers for the control of oily sludge in tanks.  OPEC's origins are based around the Company's founder – Mr. Peter Ilsley who comes from a textile background in the development of synthetic fibres and yarns.  OPEC's main core equipment is a fibrillated polypropylene yarn converted into a mop which floats on the water, adsorbs oil and rejects water. OPEC also developed ‘RP18' a needle punched non-woven fabric made in the UK for adsorbing oil spills.  OPEC's in-house ability to design and build machinery for oil pollution equipment makes it one of the leading equipment suppliers in this market. OPEC can provide machinery for clean up for industrial pollution in factories as well as pollution on lakes, rivers, estuaries, coastal areas and offshore oil slicks.  OPEC continues to sell its products to a global audience via its network of agents across the world. Several thousand machines and several thousand tones of fabric have been sold throughout the world since 1980.

Within Force7 project OPEC will give fundamental support to SMEs proposers in defining requirements for the final application, developing conceptual and detailed design for the mop skimmer and complementary system equipment, integration and installation onboard of the oil recovery system, performing of small-scale functional testing of the final prototype, support in final field testing.



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